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Heart Swap Madness 2.0!


Yarelts Crest by DreamingMystic


Yarelts is creating a new crop of Knights who will help protect the beautiful country of Tora we live in. Whether it be in search of Loyalty, Justice, Strength or Excellence those trainee Knights will embark to better themselves behind these walls and to make a name for themselves.

.: Our group is always OPEN to new applicants! :.
Be sure to check the link below on how to become apart of our group!
How to Join Here!

* We recommend Watching the group to know what is going on. We also suggest reading our FAQs and Rules found under the menu.

After reading through our journals, you can find the applications below!

Ignis House Application by DreamingMystic Nympha House Application by DreamingMystic Solum House Application by DreamingMystic Zephyr House Application by DreamingMystic



Once you've gained 65 marks, you too can get an icon of your character on this very front page! If you have a character, contact Dapuffster If your character needs to be updated, contact GuardianofLightAura

A more detailed character database can be found here!
I'd advise everyone to check it out. It's got all the information you will ever need!

Friendly Reminder! Heart Swap Sign Off Sheet ends on December 29th! 

3 deviants said Any characters that are not in the group before the 29th will be excluded as well!
2 deviants said If you do NOT want your OC to get heart swapped, you MUST comment on the journal!

Directory & Events



What makes PKMN-Knight Academy Unique?:iconpkmn-knight-academy:
Welcome! Whether you are a longstanding member or a passerby, we here at PKMN-Knight Academy would like to showcase a few things that makes us stand out as a unique group amongst all the other Pokemon RP groups you can find on dA.
Without further ado, let us show you what it's like to be a member here!

Our Community

We heavily prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of our members. Every single new member is given plenty of opportunity to get their foot in the door and feel as if they are actually apart of the group. Most everyone here will be willing to RP or Art Trade and multiple free requests are given as well. We also don't tolerate harassment so nobody should ever have to worry about being picked on.
We have an active Discord Community Chat Server!
Our Discord server is generally active 24/7 with people from all around the world participating in it! If you are interested in joining Kn
RAFFLE CONTEST 1: Silly Heart Swap Shenanigans!"What's this?" You may ask! Well, its the one of two things that will be replacing the AU of the Month! Now instead of doing silly things once every month, now you're doing silly things... BUT WITH INCENTIVE! PRIZES! THINGS TO WIN! WOW!
Yup, how cool is that? Well, every other month there will be a contest (there will be something else on those months instead). To enter, you simply follow the prompt given down below and submit it to the "Raffle Contest" Folder, located in the "Other" section. For each submission you make for the contest (yes, you can do as many as you want), it will count as a number in the raffle. Then, on discord, a number will be rolled live. If the number matches your numbered artwork, you win! If the winning artwork is a collaboration, then both of you win and share the prize!
Now, onto the prompt! There is actually going to be TWO different contests for this particular one. Here is the first!
Prompt #1:
Heart Swap Shipping and/or Heart S


.:Lesson 32 - Heart Swap Ambush! :."WARNING! We are currently under attack!" Queen Robin shouted from a lousy speaker. Except, it wasn't her usual voice, she had the voice of the other Robin. You know, that one. Where did she get a speaker from? Who knows. But the point is, everyone is being attacked!!! You wake up from your bed, very confused and flustered to what is going on, probably scared out of your mind too. Rising out of bed, you feel something very strange.
Oh no...
You're not in your own body! You fret and scurry around, trying to figure things out as fast as you can about your new body. There are intruders attacking, some of them are running about the academy, others are approaching your door possibly! How will you go about defending yourself? Will you fight? Will you run and escape through the window? Will you hide somewhere? You need to think fast, they're after you!!!

:iconheart3dplz: :iconheart3dplz:
Heart-Swap #2! An ambush?!?
Uh oh! It see


6th - Ross O’Donnell -
10th - Fia Amalgamate -
10th - Lydia Aurelius -
14th - Ammon -
15th - Rudyjer Schwarz -
19th - Ganet -
26th - Andrea/Andre -
27th - Quinn Kiruz -

All Birthdays:…


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D-I-G-I-K-I-X Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2018
hey i reading under the castle on the main page that the group is always opening?
so am i able to submit my app?
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D-I-G-I-K-I-X Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018
hey i've been working on my character Lucas and he has a twin named Marek since they are twins could i have both on the same app or is one one character per app?
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GuardianofLightAura Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would anyone be willing to do a mission or two with me and my characters? 

Currently the ones I have up for grabs are Melody and Eirlys !

Eirlys is also available for RPing ;w;/
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apapa155 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017
im looking to rp with people, in ka, so if you wanna just message me ^^
CommanderZack Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I changed my name recently. Formerly Zacktheking9000.
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