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Summer beach episode!


Yarelts Crest by DreamingMystic


Yarelts is creating a new crop of Knights who will help protect the beautiful country of Tora we live in. Whether it be in search of Loyalty, Justice, Strength or Excellence those trainee Knights will embark to better themselves behind these walls and to make a name for themselves.

.: Our group is always OPEN to new applicants! :.
Be sure to check the link below on how to become apart of our group!
How to Join Here!

* We recommend Watching the group to know what is going on. We also suggest reading our FAQs and Rules found under the menu.

After reading through our journals, you can find the applications below!

Ignis House Application by DreamingMystic Nympha House Application by DreamingMystic Solum House Application by DreamingMystic Zephyr House Application by DreamingMystic



Once you've gained 65 marks, you too can get an icon of your character on this very front page! If you have a character, contact Dapuffster If your character needs to be updated, contact GuardianofLightAura

A more detailed character database can be found here!
I'd advise everyone to check it out. It's got all the information you will ever need!

Congradulations to Fantasy-Neko for winning the 2nd Raffle Contest! 

3 deviants said The 3rd Raffle Contest can be found here!
2 deviants said Side Note: The Raffle contest now has it's own folder in the gallery! Be sure to submit to that when submitting a raffle contest entry!

Directory & Events



What makes PKMN-Knight Academy Unique?:iconpkmn-knight-academy:
Welcome! Whether you are a longstanding member or a passerby, we here at PKMN-Knight Academy would like to showcase a few things that makes us stand out as a unique group amongst all the other Pokemon RP groups you can find on dA.
Without further ado, let us show you what it's like to be a member here!

Our Community
We heavily prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of our members. Every single new member is given plenty of opportunity to get their foot in the door and feel as if they are actually apart of the group. Most everyone here will be willing to RP or Art Trade and multiple free requests are given as well. We also don't tolerate harassment so nobody should ever have to worry about being picked on.
We have an active Discord Community Chat Server!
Our Discord server is generally active 24/7 with people from all around the world participating in it! If you are interested in joining Knight Academy, but would like to meet the
RAFFLE CONTEST 3: FANSERVICEOh boy, it's summer time, do you guys know what that means? FANSERVICE!!!
Raffle Contest #2:
KA Fanservice!
No matter the setting, there is always fanservice to be found in any sort of media, and that includes RP groups. We know that people love to dress characters up in all sorts of outfits that they'd never canonically wear or even have existed within the medieval setting of KA! That's why for this raffle contest, you will be able to dress up KA characters in any of these outfits!
Both Genders
- Maid outfit
- Princess/Wedding Dress
- Catholic School Girl Outfit
- Bunny Costume
- Sexy Bunny Costume
- Waluigi Cosplay
- Minion Cosplay
- Toad Cosplay
- Amy Rose Cosplay
- Dr. Eggman Cosplay
- Garfield Onesie
- Swimsuit
- Cheerleading
Slice of Life 3: Summer DaresWith all sorts of summer fun, there's also games to be had. Of course the students are going to get a little... mischievous >:3c
Your group of friends plan on daring you to do all sorts of different things! Now the question is, what sorts of challenges will you try to take on and better yet, will you do them?
Slice of Life #3: Summer Dares
We have a bunch of interesting things that your characters could try to do as a dare that their friends supposivly gave them!
Sleeping at the Haunted Cemetery: There's a really spooky cemetery nearby... and your friends have dared you to spend the night there! Goodness knows what happens there at night, heck, I wouldn't even be surprised if your friends tried to spook you in disguise! I mean aside from Ghost Pokemon... REAL ghosts and zombies don't exist.... right?!?
Kiss or Flirt with someone!: It's very embarrassing to have to kiss another student you might not know too well, or even attempt to flirt with a complete s


.:Lesson 35: Infiltrating Yore! :.After what seemed like a very long trip, we’ve finally landed at our destination: Yore.

(To learn more about Yore, click on the picture!)
As it’s been stated before, Yore has currently stolen the corruption medicine we had created, and we are here to get it back. Of course, we can’t just land directly in the heart of Yore and brute force our way into retrieving it; we don’t have that kind of manpower. However, there is a foggy part of Yore that most of its anthro residents are afraid of... It’s an area that is believed to be home to Gijinkas.
It’s a strange place to land indeed, and it’s left everyone with mixed feelings. However, to make everyone feel more comfortable, the students are being assigned roles based on their form.
Lesson 35: Infiltrating Yore!
(Images of what Yore potentially looks like!)
(Source of Images:
This i
.:Lesson 36: Disguising as Bandits? :.We’ve done it!  We’ve located the medicine!
Thanks to the hard work of all the students, we’ve been able to retrieve intel that the medicine is being transported to the southern border in several different armed caravans.  It would seem that they plan to use it to mount a risky but tactically advantageous flanking maneuver on Oni by going through the Omni infested Dark Lands.  With the medicine, they can keep any soldiers that were corrupted along the way in top form before the assault.
It’s a suicidal move, but one that could perhaps win them the eons long war if played right, so it is a risk they are willing to take.
But the “why” right now does not matter.  That’s something for the bureaucrats back home to fuss about.  Right now what matters is the “how”.  As in, how are we going to retrieve it?
Well unfortunately just charging in as we are will not work for a number of practical and political reason
.:Lesson 37 Summer Festival!:.It’s been a very long, and even more trying time these past few months. From the Institute’s sudden invasion, to students being kidnapped, and even all the way to Yore, you’ve truly traveled far and wide, and seen more than the average eye. In the end, however, it was worth it - you’ve managed to recover the medicine. While not all of the vials were able to be traced, most of them were retrieved, and they are now being safely protected back at camp. As you pack up your stuff and fly home on the airship, you take a well-deserved rest. Mission accomplished!
When you finally arrive back home, you can feel the warmth in the air; the slight breeze that wanders by reassures you that Summer is finally here. It seems like there’s a few more wary and doubtful eyes that have thrown themselves the Institute’s way since you left, but for the most part, things seem relatively back in order.
Randall and the House Heads instruct to you that it’s back to busin


6th - Akari Midori -
7th - Aran Anida -
10th - Alexandra Steel -
10th - Eudard Mccrae -
15th - Oliver Matsuya -
16th - “Harlie” Ravensdale -
17th - Vanessa Kaia -
19th - Will Llir -
21st - Antimony Nudara -
21st - Cello Tornincasa Adesso -
28th - Marik Trellis -

All Birthdays:…


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